National Transport PLC

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National Transport PLC (NTPLC) was founded in August 2021 to provide long-haulage cargo services. The company currently operates a fleet of 148 trucks in excellent condition and owns a modern garage and warehouses. The companies headquarters is located in Dire Dawa, and it has branch offices in Adama and Addis Ababa, enabling smooth operations across these areas.

The company's core business revolves around offering dry freight transportation services to strategic clients, sister companies, and customers across various industries. It also engages in subcontracting transport services and distributes cement. The company has established short-term and long-term goals, including strengthening its current lifting capacity, developing customer-focused services, enhancing sales and marketing efforts, maximizing truck utilization, and expanding vertically and horizontally with additional trucks. The company aims to upgrade its services by diversifying into logistics and warehousing businesses.