East African Agri-Business PLC

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East African Agri-Business PLC is the agricultural wing of East African Holding. It was established in 1996 and initially acquired a tea estate at Chewaka, located approximately 650 km southwest of Addis Ababa. The tea farm covers 540 hectares of land in the scenic highlands of southwestern Ethiopia, at an altitude of 5,500 ft above sea level, offering an ideal location for tea plantation due to its suitable agro-climatic environment and rainfall.

The company is primarily engaged in tea production, processing, blending, packing, and marketing. Additionally, the company is involved in coffee roasting and grinding businesses. The companies tea blending and packaging factory, as well as the coffee unit, are located at Dukem. The company produces well-known brands such as Anbessa Tea, Black Lion Tea, Good Morning Tea, Simba Premium Tea bags, Chewaka Premium Tea, and Black Lion Coffee, each with its distinct flavor, aroma, and various packaging options.

The company has also initiated two significant projects:

The company will expand Black Lion Coffee, its premium coffee brand produced in compliance with local and international quality standards to ensure the delivery of premium quality products to its customers.