Mission Statement

To become the leading business group in the region by being the front runner in all the sectors we operate in. Positioning the group
competitively in the dynamic global business environment.

Vision Statement

To supply products that are leaders in quality, cost and customer satisfaction; by integrating people, technology, and systems.


Employee Empowerment

Employees are our greatest asset. Through freedom and accountability, we seek to unlock talent within our workforce.


Products of optimal quality should be our distinguishing mark.

Team Work

Active cooperation among group companies, foreign partners, and local stakeholders is foundation to our success.


Our group-wide commitment to maintaining a professional and ethical system of reporting and internal control sets us apart and provides assurance to shareholders, partners, and regulators.

Value Statements

National Growth and Transformation

The manufacturing sector has a pivotal role in Ethiopia’s growth and transformation plan. East African Holding has been at the forefront of this agenda through its dominant manufacturing presence, embracing new technologies, global best practices, and innovations in the local context.

Job Creation

East African Holding is heading for major expansion and diversification projects through joint ventures with international companies which will allow for more job opportunities for local citizens. We are also engaging in projects of national importance such as coal mining and cement production, which is critical to serving the strategic development goals in Ethiopia.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Community programs are operated at three levels across the group; local, provincial or regional, and national. The majority of our efforts occur at the operational level, where our businesses implement programs to develop and support the communities closest to them. Across the group, our goal is to make a positive contribution to the people in all our host communities.