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"East African Holding's core values are investing in people, providing exceptional products and services to customers, protecting our environment and leaving a legacy to the next generation.

Our family of companies has succeeded through innovation. We overcome challenges through perseverance, teamwork and adopting new technologies. Thus, improving the lives of the local communities around us.

These values unite our teams operating in diverse sectors. We focus on businesses such as FMCG (personal care and home care products), agri-business, logistics and distribution, real estate development, building materials (including cement), mining, and investments. Adhering to policies that promote accountability and transparency, our companies achieve synergy.

We do what we love and attract exceptional people to share our vision. I am pleased to express gratitude to our employees, customers, communities and suppliers, who play a vital role in our growth. We would not be where we are without them."

Buzuayehu T. Bizenu

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Who We Are

East African Holding (EAH) is a prominent and successful business conglomerate in Ethiopia, comprising several companies. Over the past four decades, EAH has experienced significant growth and success through expansion and diversification projects, establishing itself as a key player in the country's economy.

What We Do

East African Holding (EAH) is involved in diverse businesses, including manufacturing fast-moving consumer goods, agri-business, distribution and logistics services, manufacturing building materials (including cement), real estate development, mining, and investments. With its wide range of operations, the group has become a dynamic economic player in Ethiopia; it has attracted significant international investors to the country, with many of the group companies having joint venture partnerships with international investors.

East African Holding