East African Real Estate Development PLC

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East African Real Estate Development PLC (EARED) focuses on real estate development and is committed to creating and delivering unique homes with highly functional design and impeccable quality. The company employs sustainable practices and adheres to the highest standards of modern building techniques.

The company has already developed and handed over the fully developed Sheger Apartments, located in the splendid forest hill at Addis Gebeya, Addis Ababa. Currently, the company is developing the Anbessa project, a 35,000 sq. m plot situated in the center of Addis Ababa. Additionally, the company is finalizing the acquisition of a 20,000 sq. m land adjacent to the property, where modern malls and business centers will be built.

With the goal of becoming the largest and most recognized builder of real estate in Ethiopia, the company aims to provide exceptional residential and commercial properties.