East African Industrial Park SC

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East African Industrial Park Share Company (EAIP) is one of the private industrial parks in Ethiopia and the first of its kind when launched 25 years ago. The industrial park development started on a 20.6-hectare land in Bishoftu area, Oromia Region, in 1998. At that time, there was no legal and institutional framework at the national level to support such initiatives, making the companies existing infrastructure and facilities groundbreaking.

The park is equipped with adequate infrastructure, including approach roads, internal roads, AC power, communication links, weigh-bridges, water supply lines, boreholes, sheds, and central warehouses.

Recognizing the potential of industrial parks in promoting industrialization and driving economic transformation, the Federal Government enacted favorable legal frameworks for Industrial Park development. Based on these developments, the companies shareholders have decided to expand the park by an additional 80 hectares. This expansion aims to accommodate diverse industries, strengthen integration with the local economy and attract exporting companies. The company offers a range of services, including sheds (more than eighty-five) and land rental, as well as landscape development and management.