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Hamaresa Edible Oil Share Company

The factory is located 6 kms. out of Harar around a local place called Hamaresa. The factory based on 48,000 M2 was established in 1937 being owned by investors from Greece named Filidori to produce Edible Oil and later in 1957 started manufacturing Flours. Later in 1970, the factory ownership was transferred to Ethiopian investors and the name was changed to Hamaresa Flour and Edible Oil Factory. Then the factory ownership was changed from private to government in 1975 and was registered as Hamaresa Edible Oil Factory. The government intended to renovate the factory and started the construction but it took more than 7 years to finish and the construction was completed in 1999.

The factory’s location is strategic for supplies, transportation and other required infrastructures and it is one of the largest edible oil factories.

Pure refined edible oils are extracted from Groundnuts Seed, Cotton Seed, Niger seed, Sesame Seed and other seeds using the contemporary machineries and also the product wastes are used for bio fuel and the oil cakes are used to feed animals.

The factory was reestablished before 13 years and uses a Screw pressing technology to produce the edible oils and uses batch refining method. It has four production sections which are:

-          Seed cleaning and preparation section

-          Milling and press section

-          Refinery

-          Filling and pacing sections


The factory was administered by Privatization & Public Enterprises Supervising Agency (PPEPSA) until it was handed over to Ethio-Asian Industries PLC in October 29, 2014.



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