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Black Lion Coffee


East African Holding ventured into the coffee business through the exportation of raw coffee beans and has now moved to adding value by the establishment of a

Coffee roasting factory. The company has also taken the initiative to backward integrate the business by setting up a coffee plantation.

Under the umbrella of its iconic Black Lion master brand, East African Agribusiness PLC, member of East African Holding, recently launched the Black Lion Coffee.

At Black Lion we select, roast and market the finest, and freshest, 100% Ethiopian Arabica Coffee beans for local and international markets.

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As Black Lion Coffee, we export single origin or blends as per our customer's preference with all the unique Ethiopian characteristics.

The coffee beans are handpicked, roasted, and ground with utmost care. Flavor is fresh and mellow with a bold body, giving a distinctive Ethiopian aftertaste. Our goal is to select, roast, and market the freshest 100 % Ethiopian Arabica coffee beans.

At our roastery, we drum roast our coffee beans daily in small batches and deliver promptly to our customers to ensure they enjoy maximum quality from our brand, Black Lion Coffee. We use one-way valves when packaging, which allows coffee to be packed immediately after roasting to maximize protection from moisture and air, conserving freshness, flavor, and aroma.

At Black Lion Coffee we add value to our customers by offering in-house coffee training on different brewing techniques.

Our Black Lion Coffee comes in 250gm, 500gm, and 1Kg packages of both freshly roasted beans and ground coffee variants to cater for the needs of our clients.


Please visit our website: for more information

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