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East African Group's export Department will focus its attention on the export of tea, coffee, oil seeds and pulses.

The purchase decision for our customer is based on trust in our process and selection. We have established relationships with our customers which extend beyond that of the buyer/seller. The East Africa Group PLC label means that the product has been chosen and prepared with the highest quality standards in mind. Our customers are willing to pay more for our product because they are familiar with us and trust in the quality. This is the result of the buyer's success in their marketplace with our product.



The Middle East/North Africa market consumes 33% of tea in the world. We are a member of the Dubai Tea Trade Commission (DTTC) enabling us to utilize Dubai as a hub to export tea. 

Objectives for tea export enterprise:

  • Identify more buyers in the Middle East and North Africa, send samples of tea to gauge our price per kg
  • We have the authority to sell tea on consignment to Kenya (specifically, the Mombasa Tea Auction)
  • Complete all necessary paperwork, appoint an agent in Kenya and become a member of the East Africa Tea Trade Association
  • Investigate how to sell our tea in the USA via the African Growth & Opportunity Act (AGOA)


East African Holding has ventured into the coffee business through the export of raw coffee beans and has now moved towards adding value by establishing a roasting and grinding factory. The company has also taken the initiative to set up a coffee plantation to backward integrate the process flow of the business.

At our roastery, we drum roast our coffee beans daily in small batches and deliver promptly to our customers to

ensure they enjoy maximum quality from our brand, Black Lion Coffee. We use one-way valves when packaging, which allows coffee to be packed immediately after roasting to maximize protection from moisture and air, conserving freshness, flavor, and aroma.


We have on-ground expert baristas to grind and roast our coffee and ensure beans are handpicked, roasted, and ground with utmost care. Flavor is fresh and mellow with a bold body, giving a distinctive Ethiopian aftertaste. Our goal is to select, roast, and market the finest, freshest 100 % Ethiopian Arabica coffee beans.


Oil Seeds

Ethiopia is the centre of origin of some unique oilseeds and has a rich diversity of legumes and cereals. Some of which have remained largely unknown to the rest of the world. Two oilseeds, Noog (Guizotia abyssinica) and Crambe (Crambe abyssinica) are widely cultivated in Ethiopia.

The staple diet of Ethiopians is a fermented dough (or Injera) which accompanies all meals. It is made from the flour of a grass species called Tef (Eragrostis tef) which is grown often in rotation with Noog. These alternative oilseed species have a range of qualities and characteristics. Noog oil sells for a premium over other food oils in Ethiopia due to its preferred taste. Its fatty acid profile is comparable to sunflower.



Pulses contribute to smallholder income, as a higher-value crop than cereals, and to diet, as a cost-effective source of protein that accounts for approximately 15 percent of protein intake. Moreover, pulses offer natural soil maintenance benefits through nitrogen-fixing, which improves yields of cereals through crop rotation, and can also result in savings for smallholder farmers from less fertilizer use.

Pulses also contribute significantly to Ethiopia’s balance of payments. They are the third-largest export crop after coffee and sesame, contributing USD 90 million to export earnings in 2007/08.

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  • Latest News: 5 Ethiopian Multi-Millionaires You Should Know

    Latest News: 5 Ethiopian Multi-Millionaires You Should KnowThe Chairman of East African Holding Share Company, Buzuayehu T. Bizenu, has been featured on Forbes as one of the 5 Ethiopian Multi-Millionaires published on June 13, 2017. Reference site:
  • Honorary Doctorate Degree Awarded to Ato Buzuayehu Tadele Bizenu

    Honorary Doctorate Degree Awarded to Ato Buzuayehu Tadele BizenuThe Chairman of East African Holding Group of Companies, Ato Buzuayehu Tadele Bizenu, was awarded the Honorary Doctorate Degree 2016 by Lincoln University, Oakland, California USA, on the 29th January, 2017 at a colorful ceremony held at the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa congress hall in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The EAHSC group is one of the largest industrial conglomerates in Ethiopia engaged in various manufacturing and agricultural activities.
  • National Ready Mix Construction P.L.C

    National Ready Mix Construction PLC, (NPC) is established to engage in the manufacture of Ready Mix Concrete to supply for the different Construction Projects, Real Estate Developers and other Public or Private customers within Addis Ababa areas. This year shall be the official year of its emerging into this Ready Mix Concrete business, but with a determination and high spirit of evolving into one of the major players within the next 2 to 3 years. Being an arms-length business affiliate of East African Holdings, it has its inherent advantage due to the presence of National Cement Share Company.   NPC is a greenfield project and was successfully commissioned last 10th August of 2016 by Turkish expert, as the full sets of machineries are supplied by Turkish company, Semix. It has the nominal Production Capacity of 105 cubic meters per hour of concrete, which is processed thru a highly Automated System using PLC, Programmable Logic Control. The founding shareholders are two indigenous...
  • Hamaressa Edible Oil Share Company acquired by Ethio-Asian Industries P.L.C

    Ethiopia’s largest Edible Oil Factory Hameressa Edible Oil Share Company located in Harar Region, has been Sold to Ethio-Asian Industries PLC by the Privatization & Public Enterprises Supervising Agency (PPEPSA). Hameressa was handed over by PPESA’s Director General Beyene G/Meskel to Ethio Asian Industries PLC on Wednesday, October 29, 2014. Hameressa which was founded in 1998 produces and markets refined edible oil products from different seeds such as groundnuts, sesame, and cotton seeds.
  • East African Agri-Business P.L.C launches Black Lion Coffee

      East African Agri-Business P.L.C has ventured into the Coffee business with its well-known Black Lion trademark. Introducing Black Lion Coffee which is handpicked, roasted and ground with utmost care. With its Fresh, mellow and bold body, it captures the distinctive Ethiopian aftertaste in every cup brewed. Our Black Lion Coffee comes in 250gm, 500gm, and 1KG packages in both freshly roasted beans and ground coffee to cater the needs of our clients. Black Lion Coffee drum roasts coffee beans daily in small batches and deliver promptly to our customers to ensure they enjoy maximum quality from our brand.
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